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Anti-Coal Protesters Abseil Down Victorian Parliament Offices (AU)

posted 4 Sep 2012, 20:19 by Eco Hub

Anti-coal protesters yesterday abseiled down the Victorian State Parliament in Melbourne, Australia to show their resentment for the Government's funding of coal projects. The protesters unveiled a banner with the words of NASA's Professor James Hansen stating "Coal is the single greatest threat to civilisation and all life on our planet" - indicating that there are huge amounts of CO2 (carbon dioxide) currently locked up in reserves of coal, which will be released if burnt in coal fired power stations to generate electricity for the State of Victoria, other parts of South Eastern Australia and and also exported for energy production overseas. 

The Victorian Government is currently allocating $45M towards supporting the State's coal industry, which the Quit Coal campaign would like to see withdrawn and spent on renewable energy technology. You can find out how to show your support for the Quit Coal campaign by clicking on their logo below.

Video via the Ten Network's YouTube channel.