Abatement Certificate Providers - Carbon Sequestration / Forestry Africa: Trading Carbon Could Reduce Deforestation

Australasian Emissions Trading Forum website.

Algal Biomass Association | Algae for energy, algae energy research

all things eco - Homes & Houses


Branson launches $25m climate bid

BBC climate change page


BRE innovation park sustainable housing

Better By Design


Carbon Outreach

The CarbonNeutral Company

Co2 Offset- Creating Employment and a Healthy Environment

calculating carbon intake of a forest

Carbon Trust

CO2 calculator

Going Green: News & Videos about Going Green -

Climate Challenge

The Carbon Trust | Carbon Trust

International Carbon Bank & Exchange | Offset your footprint and reduce climate change

Climate Change News Digest archive

The Climate Project

Car CO2 data

carboNZero - A New Zealand solution for greenhouse gas measurement, management & mitigation

Climate Change data Defra


Defra, UK - Environmental Protection - Climate Change - Cost of carbon - Carbon offsetting

Defra | e-Digest Environment Statistics, Climate Change


Ecofys - research and consultancy on renewable energy, energy savings and climate policies.

Eco-Schools - Home

Energy Matters, buy alternative and renewable energy equipment - solar and wind power

Encyclopedia of Earth


EUROPA - Environment - Environmental Communication Networks - Welcome

European Climate Exchange® | The right environment for the EU carbon market

EUROPA - Environment - Climate Change

EUROPA - European commission - Environment - Climate change

Environment - Climate Change - Emission Trading Scheme

The Ethical Directory - Search Results

ecotopia - sustainable shopping

Eco friendly office supplies recycled remanufactured and environmentally friendly green products

Eco, FairTrade, Organic, Recycled Gifts Products, Toys, Baby, Garden :: Green Eyed Frog

eemg - ethical environmental marketing group 1 |

Ethical, Recycled, and Educational Gifts and Fairtrade Products at YourTomorrow



Farm Forestry

Flood Forum

Forest Research - Carbon accounting



Guardian environment

The Green Shop

Gold Standard

Greenhouse Gas Reduction Scheme NSW

Greener Living

Global Warming Art

The Green Office | Recycled Office Supplies | Recycled Printers & Copiers

Green Growth London

GreenFinder : Home




International Journal of Greenhouse Gas Control - Elsevier






Mass Extinction Underway | Biodiversity Crisis | Global Species Loss


NASA climate page

National Energy Foundation - Carbon Calculator



"Permaculture Magazine portal."

PROjEN Services - Carbon and Emissions Trading


Point Carbon




Royal Society - Facts and fictions about climate change

Remarkable Pencils Ltd - UK Recycled Promotional Pens


Sustainability Solutions Ltd.

Stern Review Report

Sustainable house Smartshax |

Save more than fuel



target neutral - bp


United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

UK Govt Sustainable Development - Home



W - Science

Wildscreen Festival 2008: Introduction

World Land Trust - Offset with the World Land Trust

We Can Solve It



yoyo - yoyo paper always comes back





39-41 Surrey Street, Brighton.

Supports peace, environment and development organisations. 

As well as providing office space, the centre also houses a resource centre run by Brighton Peace and Environment Centre.

Great new site for Kids

Centre for Alternative Technology (C.A.T) Environmental information centre, covering renewable energy, building, organic growing and many extensive courses.

Energy Saving Trust 

Set up by the UK government to stimulate energy efficiency and create a market for clean fuel vehicles -

Earth and Houses 

Training in earth and straw bale.

Eco portal - 

Green Dragon Energy

Electricity from Sun, Wind & Water + courses in sustainability.

HI-energy - Renewable Energy in the UK

Info on renewable energy technologies in the Highlands and islands of Scotland. 

Action in Rural sussex

Small business support in rural communities.

Diggers and Dreamers 

Information on joining or setting up some kind of intentional community or becoming a member of one.

Yarner Trust - The Yarner Trust provides information and practical advice in the skills needed to live a sustainable lifestyle. 

Green Living 

Techniques and technologies for sustainable living, showing how permaculture principles can be applied to eco-renovation, downshifting and adapting to Peak Oil. 

Greenlight Construction

Aims to increase the use, awareness and acceptance of holistic and sustainable building methods, materials and processes.

Green light operates as both a construction company (from eco-extensions to whole holistic houses) and a consultancy busines 

C LEVEL is now managing the innovative Earthship Brighton project to help highlight the opportunities available to reduce global warming impact from building -

Radical Routes

Information on setting up housing co-operatives.

BRE complete range of consultancy, testing and research services covering all aspects of the built environment, and associated industries.

Nottingham Eco House

Penney Poyzer and Gil Schalom have a terraced Victorian house and have done a full eco-retrofit, including a rainwater system.

The Underground House

Website of a low energy underground house in Cumbria with drawings and construction

International Tree foundation

Supporters can adopt a nursery and they work with Primary schools


Helps to use recycled and reclaimed building products.


Sustainability and urban design


Good practice resources.

A registar of green providers across a broad spectrum of goods and services.

Low Carbon Network - England's first Earthship, sited on the south coast near Brighton, UK, offering training courses and tours around the earthship.

See also the Earthships performance in the Scottish climate.

Belgium's earthships.

Earthships photos - earthship gallery 

The British Earth Sheltering Association

Earthship Biotecture Europe

Agroforestry Research Trust

A charity, which researches temperate agroforestry and into all aspects of plant cropping.

Tree Council

Promoting the improvement of the environment through the care and planting of trees.

Wood recycling project

Based in Brighton recycled wood, doors, skirting boards along with reclaimed sea wood.

Timber build network

Inwood Developments

Sustainable timber

Bespoke Oakwrights

design and construction oak framed buildings

Sustainable build information

Reel furniture - eco design 

Construction Resources

Excellent supplier of a wide range of environmental building materials.

Jones Nash

eco home builders

Solar Trade Association

Salvo - National association of salvage traders.

Recycled paints - Community Re>Paint is a network of paint reuse schemes across England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. 

Second nature - natural wool insulation.

The Green Building store - building products which promote energy-efficient, sustainable and healthy homes.

Green building store

Mike Wye

Suppliers of Natural Building and Decorating Products -

Building with straw

To teach the basic principles of straw bale construction and other related crafts in a straight forward and practical

Strawbale information

World of Tents - marquees, geo-domes, historical tents and tipi's, made of natural canvas and wood from sustainable sources.

Buckminster Fuller - architect inventor of the Geodesic Dome.

Walter Segal - eco-friendly wood-framed house kit.

BedZED - The Zero Emissions Development (ZED) project at Beddington, London. An inspiring new build which maximises solar heating to achieve zero emissions.

Hockerton Housing Project

A possible model for sustainable living. New ways of living that reduce impact on the environment. 

UK Youth Delegation to Poznan (COP14)

Isabel Bottoms Climate and Environment Blog

Welsh Youth Forum for Sustainable Development

Other useful sustainability links::

Centre for Alternative Technology Home Page

Solar Energy at the Australian National University

Just generators

Sustainable energy has powerful future - Business - Business -

RISE Information Portal - Applications - Grid Connected

RISE Information Portal - Technologies

SPREE - Future Students - What are Photovoltaic Devices - Grid Connect Photovoltaics

Research Institute for Sustainable Energy

grid connect inverter

wind generator - Products for wind generator - Manufacturers,Exporters,Suppliers,Traders,Companies,Factories

solar hot water - Products for solar hot water - Manufacturers,Exporters,Suppliers,Traders,Companies,Factories

solar hot water iso - Products for solar hot water iso - Manufacturers,Exporters,Suppliers,Traders,Companies,Factories

eu Energy - New and Renewable Energies - Home Page

REN21 - Renewable Energy Policy Network for the 21st Century

European forum for renewable energy

Positive Power

Solar for London

Low carbon buildings programme

Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society

The Alternative Technology Association

Climate Change Levy

energy saving trust

Low carbon buildings programme - grants for microgeneration - Low Carbon Buildings Programme

worcester pencil factory BBC NEWS | UK | Using cooking oil to power a factory

efficiencybill - epetition response

Solar Hot Water Rebate Program - Home Page

micro hydro turgo turbine wheels

gilkes - Hydro turbine manufacturers

Renewable Components - Manufacturers of MiniWind Downwind Turbines, MiniWater Hydro Turbines & Components

Renewable Energy Association

Welcome the British Hydropower Association website

greenearth energy design, supply and install renewable energy systems

The Solar Trade Association - Home Page

Low carbon buildings programme - grants for microgeneration - Low Carbon Buildings Programme

Geodynamics – Power from the Earth – Geothermal energy

Copaifera langsdorfii - "Diesel tree"

Geothermal Map of North America, 2004

Oxford Eco Builders

Gravitational Potential Energy

Wood Energy Ltd: Specialists in Biomass boilers | Home

Renewable Energy Systems

HDG Turbotec 50kW Split Log Wood Boiler for 1 Meter Length Logs

Elecsol Batteries

Project Summary | CC and Sustainable Livelihoods Linkages | Research Themes | Climate Change | IIED wood trees co2

Sustainable Energy Europe Campaign

Endless Solar - Super Efficient Solar Hot Water Systems

Publication Details - AS/NZS 2712:2002 Solar and heat pump water heaters - Design and construction

Solar Hot Water Rebate Programme - Home Page

Solar Thermal Collector - Zhejiang Shentai Solar Energy Co.,LTD.

Separated Solar Water Heater - Changzhou Tyantyan Co.,Ltd

EN12975 - Changzhou Sunpower Solar Water Heater Co., Ltd.


Solar Hot Water Rebate Program - Home Page

Solar water heaters

Registered agents for deemed units

Master Plumbers NSW - Serving the Nation for over 100 years...


Mallee Machinery field day

connecting solar image

Solar Direct - Solar Plumbing

Australian and New Zealand Solar Energy Society

Teaching Climate Change

Business plan guides & templates


BP Solar Australia

Solar Shop Australia Pty Ltd

Ecovision Solutions

Suntopway Electronics (Shenzhen) Co.,Ltd. ---Solar_pump Page

Changzhou Sunpower Solar Energy Industry Co.,Ltd. ---§

Sell water storage tank (sell offer) - China

Shenzhen Commonpraise Solar Co., Ltd. - Flat plate solar collector, Pure glass vacuum tube solar collector, heater tube vacuum tube solar collector

Xuzhou solar pv China


The International Solar Energy Society (ISES)


Solar Illuminations ™ Solar Security Floodlights (PIR / Motion Sensor)

RETScreen International Home Multilingue

8 Charge Controllers

The Solar Stik - The New Generator

PV UK-WEB - Information on photovoltaic power and solar electricity from PV-UK, the British Photovoltaic Association - the UK's premier body for supporting PV and solar electricity

Solar Position Calculator

Sun Calculator

Biodiesel Canada Alternative Fuel | Biofuel Canada

::  GreenFuels Ltd.  ::   Europe's  largest  Biodiesel  equipment  supplier

Welcome to Biodiesel Filling Stations

Biofuels Corporation plc

Biodiesel Directory - Biodiesel equipment, kits...

DieselVeg Home - Diesel to Vegetable Oil engine conversions

worcester : what to do with your unwanted vegetable oil? recycle and reuse

LPG Conversion prices

::  GreenFuels Ltd.  ::   Europe's  largest  Biodiesel  equipment  supplier

How to make Biodiesel - Converting Waste Vegetable Oil to Biofuel

Landmatters Permaculture Project

AMEE - The world’s energy meter

Carbon Rationing Action Group

Groundwork UK

People & Planet - UK student action on world poverty, human rights and the environment

future footprints

Green Doctor Project

Low Carbon Communities Network

LoCEM (Low Carbon Emissions Media)

SlideShare » Communitycarbon's Slidespace (SlideShare is the best place to share powerpoint presentations)

Together’s - working for wellbeing

Futerra Sustainability Communications - Communicating Sustainable Development - CSR, Green Marketing, Climate Change, Ethical Business

The Film | The Age of Stupid

Torrs Hydro New Mills Limited

H2ope - Home

Basecamp software - Project management, collaboration, and task software: Basecamp

RCEs Educating for Sustainable Development - RCEs Educating in Regions for Sustainable 


LifeShift - Shifting to Low Carbon Lifestyles

Shell Awards and Funding for SME's with Climate Change and Carbon Reduction Innovations

Co-operatives UK

Co-active - Co-active Homepage

UK Climate Impacts Programme - Home


Environmental Careers | easy ways to fight climate change

PeaceJam - Change Starts Here

Meg Munn FCO Climate Change and the Pacific Islands

Countdown to Copenhagen - Christian Aid

The Climate Project

FutureGov » Dominic Campbell

Free Charity Online Donation Service

Charity Commission - Registering a Charity