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posted 7 Feb 2010, 09:23 by Toby Roscoe   [ updated 13 Feb 2010, 22:58 ]

Self build homes account for around 13 percent – over 20,000 of all residential properties built in the UK each year.
People are starting to embrace green selfbuild as they see the benefits for the environment and for energy costs.

The methods for green buildings include using sustainable wood sources, natural energy sources, passive solar design and increased thermal performance. 

Timber frames produced by local sustainable sources are one of the greenest building materials. Currently just 12% of UK homes are timber framed. 

Here are some alternative styles of building:

Earthships - developed in the USA, and now over here in the UK, earthships use tyres and bottles, to make amazing buildings. 

Strawbale building
 - this style of building has become increasingly popular due to cheap and sustainable building materials. 

The Yurt - a more mobile approach to living, the yurt is becoming a easy build alternative, either as a temporary or a structured dwelling. 

Walter Segal pioneered his wooden kit form of self build, useful for community groups. 

Geodomes - Buckminster Fuller was the architect who championed the geodome, many 60's and 70's geodomes are the foundation of selfbuild.

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Building materials:
Papercrete - use of paper
Green building materials
Green store
The lime centre - lime 
Precious earth - paint
Eco paints - general overview

selfbuild abc - green building

Natural building technologies


thesustainablebuildingdirectory - energy savings trust

The Green Register - Is a training and networking organisation for construction. 

Other Innovative projects:
Green houses to buy

Hockerton Housing Project

Nottingham Eco House

BedZED - The Zero Emissions Development (ZED) project

Sherwood Energy Village transforming a 91-acre former colliery into an environmental

Radical Routes - housing co-operatives info

BBC 3 Guerrilla homes - How to build a home on a budget. 

Greenlight Construction
Aims to increase the use, awareness and acceptance of holistic and sustainable building methods, materials and processes.

Sustainable build information