EcoHub.org was founded and is edited by environmental scientists to share good quality information with the aim of speeding up the transition to a sustainable future by smoothing the flow of ecologically relevant knowledge.

An EcoHub is a collaborative space for sharing physical, human and virtual resources, organised for ecological benefit. Users of this EcoHub may use its facilities for whatever they wish, as long as the use results in an ecologically positive impact. Its purpose is to promote knowledge of good quality environmentally friendly alternatives to unsustainable technologies to promote a more sustainable way of life. We believe that by helping to restore the ecological system that supports us, we will benefit from a healthier environment in which the next generation will thrive. EcoHub's content is edited by environmental professionals, for use by everyone.

EcoHub.org had over 750,000 visitors in 2009. Anyone can add content to EcoHub.org, it’s totally free. There is only one rule; any information posted must provide a positive low carbon, more ecologically friendly alternative to current technologies. 

If you’d like to provide content to EcoHub.org mail us at edit@ecohub.org.